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20" Hyper Shocker Kids Mountain Bike
The 20" Hyper Bike is ideal for boys who are looking for their next adventure. Featuring a dual suspension steel frame and fork, rugged knobby tiers and an easy-to-use, seven-speed twist-grip shifting, it is ready for any surface on or off the road....
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This is a free product I received as a participant of WalMarts’ Spark Review process established to help prospective buyers shop confidently, be informed and to aid in a positive shopping experience. I have posted a simple YouTube video review for those more visual shoppers which is linked for your convenience below. I am so impressed with my new 20” Hyper Shocker Mountain Bike which is not just for boys! I am a shorter middle aged active woman and have found this bike to be just perfect for me. With its easily adjustable seat and handlebar, I was able to quickly adjust this bike to my preferred comfort upon finishing the simple assembly. Assembly, well this came mostly pre-assembled, leaving me to put the front tire on, handlebar, seat and foot pegs. Utilizing a pair of channel locks, I was able to have this bike put together in about 30 minutes from box to set up. I actually did not require the directions however being a handy person, this is normal for me. Tweaking the brake adjustments was something I did not spend much time on. I feel depending on what kind of rider or how intense of riding you will do, will help determine how aggressive you wish to go with those details. Shimano equipped, I had to look that up since I was unfamiliar with the term. A quick explanation is; Shimano is known for its exceptional systems engineering which equals all parts working systemically well and in sync with each other. Bike enthusiast will know this however for those of us who are not hardcore, I hope that explanation helps. In short, this bike is not necessarily a beginners bike but due to its superior design, materials used and overall capabilities; I feel a picky BMX rider would definitely enjoy this bike. Styling, I love the hyper graphics and overall appearance. The fork framing is designed quite unisex without taking away from the strength of the bike frame.There are a handful of features which you can read on the product description itself which also includes this is a 7 speed hand twist gear shifting bike. My favorite feature of this bike is the suspension. Featuring front and mid body suspension; this bike has incredible shock absorption for trick riding or any rough terrain adventure. The suspension is tight, responsive and not to easily compressed. In short, impressive. As for comfort, it felt great sitting and riding upon. The seat was not bothersome to me, the position I sat to ride was not hard on my body and the handle grips were comfortable in my hands. The front and rear braking is responsive and gear shifting will improve with my getting use to riding this bike. Weighing in at about 31 pounds, its a great performing bike for the money. This product is not heavy or too bulky. I do not recommend a 2 person lift for convenience due to its mild bulky nature. This is a 1 person build taking about 30 minutes of your time and a pair of channel locks. The instructions were easy to follow and accurate ( I read them after assembling). It is a beginner level project to enjoy. Although mostly pre-assembled, I appreciate having had to put this awesome bike together as it gave me a better understanding of all its features and how to manipulate it for safe handling. The packaging was super. Everything was securely in place with plastic and foam protection. No damage was found from distributor to my home. Walmart shipped via UPS packaged in a box. I am very happy with this product and, would recommend to my family and friends.The quality for the value exceeded my expectations and I feel confident you’d be pleased if purchased too.
This is a very very nice child's bike, although I was not expecting what was delivered to my door! It came in a box and when I opened it up, I thought oh boy, what am I going to do with this! It was in a million pieces (not quite). I knew there was no way I could build a 7-speed bike and get it right! Thank goodness for Walmart! I called the bicycle department and they cheerfully said bring it in and we'll put it together for you (at NO cost)! I was so thankful. So we took it on a Friday afternoon and they had it ready to pick up the next morning! This is considered a mountain bike, which means it can be ridden easily on a wide variety of terrain. It has a suspension aluminum frame with aluminum fork and is Shimano equipped (not sure what that means). It has 7-speed twist grip shifting. It features authentic Hyper graphics. This bike comes with a very thorough manual that explains everything from bicycle safety to he to adjust the seat to the proper way to wear a helmet (not included). I totally recommend this bike as an introduction to riding with speed shifting. I would rate this product as a 9 out of 10, only because I had to take it to the store to have it built (but am thankful they did)! Great product!
I was excited to receive this complimentary, 20" Hyper Shocker Boys' Bike, because my eight-year-old Grandson, Ryan, had already outgrown his 16” mountain bike. This was an opportunity for him to step up to this larger sized mountain bike with the following advanced features: Smooth, seven-speed, twist grip shifting; Linear pull hand brakes for both front and rear; Dual suspension steel frame with suspension fork; All terrain, 20” x 2.25 knobby tires mounted on spoked wheels; Three piece high performance crank; Quick-release seat clamp for height adjustment of the deluxe, padded seat; Colorful, bona fide, Hyper graphics (blue on black); and, Shimano Equipped; drive train, brakes, shifter, crankset, derailleurs, front and rear wheel hubs, chain, etc., of all component parts for total integration and engineering. Assembly out of the box took approximately forty-five minutes to include gathering up my metric sockets, Phillips screwdriver, Allen wrenches, Torque wrench, and 12” adjustable wrench. It took me another 30 minutes to read the highly elaborated, Bicycle Owner's Manual. This manual is very detailed and includes specific drawings and illustrations, which are especially valuable in adjusting the brakes and derailleurs. Additionally, the manual features valuable tips, do's and don'ts, along with the SAFE and proper riding procedures for the riders of this particular bike. TIP - I found it a great deal simplified to mount the front tire first, then proceed with the handlebars, adjust and align the front caliper brake shoes, pedals, then install and adjust the seat, reflectors, etc. The Owner's Manual does not really have a rigid, 'set-order' of assembly instructions to follow. But, if you mount the front tire first, you can then set the kick-stand up to support the bike in the standing position and install the rest of the bike parts much more easily. One bit of caution – do NOT over tighten any of the bike's bolts, nuts, or cable clamps. Use a torque wrench and follow the recommended pounds per inch, or, foot pounds. If you do not have a torque wrench – just use your best judgment – tight, but not over tighten. The trickiest part of the bike assembly was installing the front tire to the fork. Either one of the brake shoes must be removed to allow the tire to slip into the front fork. Care must be taken to re-assemble the brake shoe with all of the washers and spacers in the exact order they were removed. TIP – I took a close-up pic of the washer placement with my smart phone before I disassembled it. It was simple to re-assemble the washers in the exact order using that pic. After installing the handlebar it was pretty easy to adjust the front caliper brake shoes. Just align the brake shoes against the rim of the front wheel and align with the curve of the rim. Then, follow the outlined procedures in the 'Brake System Adjustment' section of the Owner's Manual. Once I had the seat and handlebars adjusted for Ryan he put this bike to the 'test'. He had no prior experience with a 'shifter', so I explained the basics to him. Ryan found out he could climb hills in first or second gear, easily. And, on the downhill side he could shift into the higher gears for effortless riding. On streets and sidewalks he stays in his middle gears mostly. Ryan is getting the 'feel' for shifting up and down the range of gears by daily riding and practice. He has found out that he has to ease up a bit on his pedaling when shifting gears to keep the chain from slipping or falling off the gears. Now, after two weeks of riding this bike he is eager to tell Grandpa how it works, and for what conditions. Since we live in North Central Florida there are many kinds of year-round trails for him to ride on. We prefer the 'Rail-To-Trails' bike paths the best. Converted railroad beds into bike trails are very challenging. Although Grandpa on his three-speed rides along with Ryan on these trails it is getting harder and harder to keep up with him as he becomes more skilled with shifting and comfortable riding this mountain bike over somewhat challenging terrain. Thank You, Walmart! This 20" Hyper Shocker Boys' Bike has given me a chance to spend more valuable time with my Grandson, Ryan. I have enjoyed watching him learn the advanced features of this mountain bike through practice and having just the plain FUN of riding it. This is a great bike for local roads, sidewalks, and off-road terrain for any eight year old boy or girl on up to adult. This bike will support a person up to 220 pounds in weight. I highly recommend the purchase of this mountain bike for any adventurous kids in search of Fun. It just may kindle a spark of escapade and daring in your child for a lifetime of all terrain mountain biking.
A friend's child received this as a gift and I offered to assemble it for him. We got it over to my shop and up on the table. The instructions are incomprehensible and do not appear to match the product, for example showing bolts that do not exist in the actual product. Assembly operations are not presented in order, for example aligning the handle bars to the front wheel before you get to the step where you mount the front wheel, and many similar issues. Oh yeah, speaking of the front wheel, the forks are over an inch out of alignment and the front wheel can not be mounted. I see others have also had this problem in the reviews. Yes, I understand that the problem will eventually be resolved one way or another, but in the meantime a lack of adequate quality control combined with a technical support line that only functions M-F 9-5 CST has left me added to the list of those having to deal with a heartbroken and disbelieving 9 year old.
The Hyper Bikes are the best units for our Perfect Attendance students. With the exception of being more expense, they are also more generic for both Boys and Girls.