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24" Roadmaster Granite Peak Girls Mountain Bike, Purple
The Granite Peak 24" Girl's Mountain Bike by Roadmaster is an excellent all-around mountain bike that is right at home on a rugged unpaved path or cruising the streets in your neighborhood. It sports a steel mountain frame and a front suspension fork,...
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Hi everyone, I have been in the cycling for more than 20 years. I own a bike repair shop. My wife started to ride with me. She is between 5'2'' and 5'3'' and it fits her great. In our local walmart store the price of the bike was $99, We checked online and it was 79, so we just bought it through the website and then we went to pick it up. I was a little skeptical about the quality of the bike being so cheap. However, I am impressed, it has shimano derailleur, and twist style sram shifters, Makes very easy and smooth shifting process. It has a steel frame, the wheels are light weight aluminum wheels, great knobby tires, they handle all kind of conditions. Aluminum brakes, they work really good, it has a water bottle mount too. It is 18 speed bike. If you try to build this bike from ground up you will spend more than $130. The suspension ford needs lubricated with silicone spray lubricant and you will notice a great difference!!! If you have any questions check out my video at: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hQ_OYRXeqo4 Or if you need help tuning the bike up let me know. It is a great purchase for the price. I recommend it!!!
I spent a lot of time comparing bikes with Walmart and Amazon and - first of all-Amazon had the exact same bike but selling for 30 $ more-- so Walmart was def the best deal ! As for the bike - I'm so glad I opted for this one over the mongoose and the others .. It fits my 9 yo daughter just right- and since she is still a nervous rider I liked this bike with the lower "girls" cross bar so ahead the option to jump Off easier. My husband put it together in less than 20 mins after I warned him some reviewers seemed to have trouble and cable issues with brakes. We had none of that and he actually said it was super easy. (He is handy- for whatever that is worth - seems to install/fix things easily) my kid is about 80 lbs and about 53 inches tall - her seat is at almost the lowes setting so room to grow- although I will say she should have it higher to get a full extension BUT she is a nervous rider and wanted more than just tip toes touching street. Oh well.. Hope she improved fast so I can raise the seat before she hurts her knees. She loved the white - Miami vice looking - ha! So lucky for us it was the cheapest price.
I'm 5'2 and it's the perfect bike for my size. Excited to ride it around! It took 10 minutes to put together with how it arrived.
I picked up this bike already assembled. I swapped out the standard seat with a "comfy" seat I had on my old bike. I rode it around for a mile or so, made my height and tightening adjustments, and then took it for a 17 mile ride the next day. I am very pleased with the comfort. PERFECT size for me at 5' 1". Color is good for a mom who has boys so your pink or purple bike doesn't stick out like a sore thumb. Easy to shift once I remembered how to do it properly. Very pleased with the value.
my grand daughter loves it she has a disability and has done very good learning to ride it she is 13 and 5ft6in and with adjustments her feet can touch so she doesn't fall over very pleased with it THANK YOU