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26" Mongoose Dolomite Men's Fat Tire Bike, Black
Check out those super fat tires! The Mongoose Dolomite 26" Men's Bike provides off-road capabilities and everyday riding performance for the ultimate biking experience. The 26" by 4" knobby tires give you enhanced stability when conquering different...
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Price point was great. Good solid bike. Those are the reasons I give it 5 stars. That being said, PLEASE before you ride it, have every bearing on this bike cleaned out and regreased with a quality grease. Mine came with a minimal amount of thin Vaseline-like grease. There were large metal shavings inside some of the bearings and paint in the cups that chipped off into the light grease. Had I not been warned by the good folks on a bike forum these defects would have caused permanent damage. I have made several upgrades to the bike and for a little sweat equity and $100 in better parts (thumb shifter, better freewheel gear set, larger brake rotors and a few other goodies I now have a nice quality fat bike that should be a lot more dependable and a little more fun for a lot less than the higher price point bikes. Have fun out there, I know I am. P.s. these things are great in the snow, but invest the $10 in a sealed bottom bracket bearing set.
The bike works good out of the box and can be used as is. The good: 7 speeds, disk brakes, steel rims, chain ring guard. The bad: very heavy, thin seat, small pedals, bent over riding position. I am an older fat guy and had some discomfort, particularly with the low handle bars. After a few miles the bent over riding position was just murder on my back. I spent around 60 extra for a big, comfy seat, bigger platform pedals and big, ape hanger style handle bars. While I was at it, I changed out the twist shifter, which I grew to hate, for a thumb shifter, that was around 15. I took it up to local bike shop (their fat tire bike was 1600) and they installed everything for $50. To me, all well worth it. The bike is now very comfortable to ride, I can go long distances with no back pain and I ride it pretty much every day. It also looks KILLER. Over time I have added a water bottle & tire pump. If you're looking into fat tire bikes and don't have a grand or more to blow, I would highly recommend this bike. Some of the other Mongoose fat tire bikes don't have mechanical disk brakes and 7 speeds. Some tips: to save paint, use clear packing tape where the cables rub against the painted frame. Also recommend checking all bearings and using good, high quality grease. On my particular bike, the crank bearings were almost dry so needed a good amount of grease while the neck bearings had a decent amount of high quality grease. You can get to the crank bearings WITHOUT removing cranks. I will try & attach some before & after pics to show the bike out of the box as well as after I got perfect for me.
I am loving it.. I rode it one time and it is so smooth once u put a comfortable seat on it. waiting on fenders to go on it and it is different and it is difficult and it is difficult to find some nice looking ones
Love this Eye Cather of a bike from the moment I rolled out of the store the looks , stairs and comments kept on coming.
Shipping box and packaging was rugged, well protected. Took more time to unpackage it than it did to put it together. Mostly pre-assembled. Few simple tools to finish the job. Put on front tire, attach handle bars and seat. Minor adjustment was need to get front tire straight, easy to do. Only other adjustment I need to make is the shifting rail to make it just a little easier to go into its lowest gear. Otherwise it was ready to go. Rides nice down the beach, stays on top of the sand. It’s a bit heavy but I don’t mind. For the price its a steal. I’m from Michigan but winter vacation in Florida. Ordered it delivered free to the local Walmart and it got there in 3 days on the promised time. Easy to pick up and they helped me load it into the car. I would highly recommend this bike, a good value. You just need a few tools. 5 & 6 mm Allen wrench, and a small adjustable crescent wrench. I also used a multi tool for tightening the wheel nuts. The local store was willing to do the final assembly for me, but I passed because I read reviews that indicated it was an easy assembly and it indeed was.