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26" Schwinn Sidewinder Women's Mountain Bike, Black
You spend all day - maybe all week - waiting for the moment you get to hit your favorite trail. It's time to finally make that first emphatic pedal by hopping on the 26" Women's Schwinn Sidewinder, a front suspension mountain bike that's just itching...
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I'm 5'6" and this bike is perfect. Ive been riding it daily for years and it takes a beating. Ive been riding it since I was 299lbs and I'm 165 now. Never any problems. I love that it doesnt have rear suspension (that seems to be popular but takes away from the power put into the pedal strokes) You will want to pad up the hard handle bar grips with some foam bar tape and replace the seat ( I replaced with the Hyper Bikes brand bike seat) and this thing is great for every day riding. Dont forget to air up your tires ever 10 days and enjoy! I decked mine out in 6mm self adhesive rhinestones found on e b a y for $1 :)
I'm retired now and fortunate enough to live next to a biking trail. Been researching bikes for quite sometime and decided this bike suited my needs. Bought it and just found it great. Will be using this for many years. Great size, comfortable, easy-to-use. Love it!
I love this bike. It is nice looking and rides well too. For the price, and what I needed it for it has been perfect. It is comfortable and rides smoothly. I would definitely recommend it to others.
After trying out so many different bikes in the store, I finally found one perfect for me! I am 5 foot 3 inches and this fits me great! I don’t feel like I have to hunch over like I’m all the other bikes I tried. I am so happy I found this bike.
I love this bike! The smooth ride and the way it shifts is great! I wish I could have gotten this bike just to write a review! But awesome bike so far!