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Huffy 26" Women's Regatta 3-Speed Cruiser Bike with Perfect Fit Frame
Huffy 26″ Regatta Women's 3-Speed Cruiser Bike with Perfect Fit Frame™, Green You'll really understand the meaning of comfort the first time you ride this Huffy 26″ Regatta cruiser bike. Besides the distinctive apple green color, the Regatta combines...
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I bought the Huffy Regatta to do grocery runs to the local store. Picked the Regatta to meet 4 needs: I needed a frame where I could place my feet flat on the ground. I have a short in-seam for my height which means I normally need a Small frame. A up-right/dutch/comfort seating position. A bike with a more modern euro style 3 piece bottom bracket. This makes changing the gearing much easier, which was needed for where I live. I needed a bike with a rack to haul groceries with, which is hard to find on a cruiser style bike. The Regatta satisfies all of those. The seat tube is ~16 inches, putting it in the Medium frame size category. Even at 16 inches though the frame geometry let’s me place both feet flat on the ground. The finish on the bike was good but not great. There are a few spots of over spray with paint “drips” but other wise the paint is well done. The gearing is very high (~47, 65 and 88 gear inches, for those who know what that means) making it bad on even small hills but it is great on flats. Sadly I live where there are hills everywhere. First gear is hard even on gentle hills for me, 2nd is only good for long flat stretches and I never used 3rd except down hill. The tires are 26x2.35 (ISO 62-559), these are low pressure (40 psi) “balloon” tires. They have a decent ride but can be bouncy if you hit a bump hard. The caveats. The stock kick stand is useless when the bike is loaded with groceries. My first run was a light load that included a pair of 2-liters, some cans of juice and bread. Even with the weight evenly distributed the bike would not stand on hard flat ground with out falling over. I ordered a two footed kickstand to replace the stock one. As I mentioned I also needed to replace the Crankset with a 32 tooth gear to make it easier to climb hills, depending on where you live that maybe a caveat.
let's start off by saying that the color on this cruiser is gorgeous. I would call it a shiny apple green finish with yellow sticker pinstriping. It is very rich and bright. It has a very vintage look if you remove the back bags. To make it look even more like a classic, I added a wicker basket on the front. I live in Colorado and there are a lot of hills in my neighborhood so I wanted something that was easy to ride but also looked stylish. I am sorry to say that I am more into aesthetics then convenience but couldn't find anything that I liked with more gears. I do wish It had 6 or 12 gears so I can get up hills without too much of an effort, but I couldn't beat the price or the color. I had originally bought the Nusso Huffy and I was completely in love with the bike. but there were two problems. The first problem was that it was a single speed and the second was, at 5'3", the bike was just too tall. The seat on this bike sits about an inch or two lower making it easier to control. It is also not as heavy. I would say it is at least 5 lbs lighter. The only reason I took a star away from the review is because it is still a little difficult to ride up a hill. The first gear is only slightly better than the single gear on the Nusso. My bike was assembled by Walmart which meant the bike was ready for use as soon as I picked it up :)