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J.L. Childress Cargo 'N Drinks Parent Tray
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Perfect size for umbrella stroller. The Velcro strap are thick so it made it sturdy. It was worth the sale price of $5 and some change. I was able to put our waters, snacks in it and my phone in the little zippers. I would highly recommend this item, specially for compact strollers like umbrella stroller
Very easy to set up. Do not need to take off when folding the stroller. zip very convenient.
Compared to the other items like this on the market this is the cheapest and is well made. It doesn't have any metal which is what I needed for my gb pockit stroller so it would fold normally.
Unfortunately the umbrella stroller I bought did not come with any type of holder, but very glad this was available and at a good price. It is what it is... Heavy material, tight to get onto the handles, and holds everything you need. Highly recommended!!
I got this to go with my jogging stroller that had no holder. I bought this because of the price. It is a life saver and I LOVE it. I put my drink, phone, keys, and pacifiers in it while I go on walks, hikes etc. The only thing that I don't like it the edges where it was sewn together is starting to fray. However for the price I guess its to be expected.