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Mongoose 29" Men's Exhibit Mountain Bike
Take your trail riding to new heights with the 29" Men's Exhibit Mountain Bike from Mongoose. This trail-ready 29er has an aluminum mountain frame and front suspension fork that are made to soak up huge bumps while you're out on the trail. 21-speed...
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Really a decent bike. Not using for mountain riding lol. But the bike is steady and durable for riding around the neighborhood for exercise. Was easy to put together with limited tools. Had to make some adjustments and the directions we fairly helpful. If you do have a problem tho, just take to local Walmart and they will help.
As an active 65 year old, when I was offered the opportunity to test a new Mongoose bike in exchange for a review, I was thrilled to get involved. I have had the bike for a couple of weeks and wanted to share my thoughts. 1. It is a solid, well constructed bike, something I would have expected from a bike in the Mongoose/Schwinn family. 2. It was easy to put together as long as you have a set of Allen wrenches. (Yours might come assembled, but if not, it's not a big deal to do so!) 3. I have not ridden a three speed bike. My old Schwinn is just one speed. This took a little getting used to, but the Mongoose turned out to be pretty easy to shift gears as needed. And it makes it easier to get up the hills in our neighborhood. 4. Unlike a friend of mine's bike which has a really skinny and pointed seat, the Mongoose seat on this model was much more comfortable! 5. You do never forget how to ride a bike!
This is a great value for the price. One of the lowest prices I've found on an aluminum frame 29er. It was delivered to my house. Assembly was fairly straight forward. I have to drop a star because while it touts Shimano gears and derraileurs, they are entry level quality. That said, they get the job done. If you use this video https://youtu.be/fQ2Sj-hLUyo you will get the derraileurs fine tuned in a few minutes and be shifting with ease. I figure as my son grows, we can upgrade front shocks and gears as needed. For now, he loves it, I've tried it too, and at 6'3" and 200+ lbs I thought it was a smooth ride.
I bought this bike to see if a $150 mountain bike can stand of to serious trail rides. The answer is no...it can't. Right off the bat I noticed the front suspension was choppy and bottomed out easily under my weight. The disc front brakes were weak and the back V brakes were mushy and loose. The derailleur would not shift into the high gears and was contantly stuck in between gears making a terrible ratcheting sound. The bike was noisy on the first ride. So I decided to put the bike on a lift and do some adjustments. I adjusted the brakes and the derailleur. This took me almost 2 hrs to dial in the gears properly. Once I got the brakes adjusted, they were rather impressive. Seeing how this bike was put together, it was obvious a Wal-Mart employee put it together. After i completed the adjustments, I decided to take the bike on a beginner off road trail. Other than the front fork being noisy, jerky and bottoming out several times, the bike did surprisingly well. The big 29" wheels powered through the mud with ease. The knobby tires gripped the dirt very well. I will be making a few modifications to this bike in the near future. One being replacing the front forks with a set of legit roxshocks. Secondly, getting wider handle bars for more stability. I will also be getting some better pedals as my foot did seem to slip off a few times. Depending on how the Shimano derailleur performs, I may be replacing that as well. I believe with about a $150 in mods, I can turn this Wal-Mart mongoose into a serious trail bike. That'll put the total cost of about $300. Still cheaper than buying a buying an entry level MTV. As far as appearance, this bike looks better than my GT Saddleback.