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Schwinn 29" Men's Midway Cruiser Bike
Like all Schwinn bikes the Schwinn Midway comes with a limited lifetime warranty for as long as you own the bike. The Midway is charming and cool and perfect for neighborhood rides, cruising to class, or taking a spin after dinner. There is no excuse...
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Picked up at walmart store for 74.00. When I saw another review say they purchased for 97.00 at their store it made me want to scan the label at the price checker and sure enough it was a steal! I'm 6'4 so the fit is perfect and the ride smooth. I love the fact that it has 7speeds to allow for the few hills we have in our area. If you are in the New Orleans area and looking for a bargain bike, make sure you try and find this while they still have them. You won't regret.
Loving this bike! Found discounted for $97 at my local walmart- so that might be skewing my opinion a bit.. guessing it was because the fender was rubbing on the tire a bit.. but was fine after a small adjustment.. Big bike- rides nicely, only gripe is upshifting is not as easy as downshifting..but not a deal breaker for me..pulls the child trailer nicely. Ready to hit the beach!
Ordered this online at Walmart.com. Upon waiting for my shipment I saw that a local store had it for sale for 35$! I bought it and returned my 149$ order. Great bike and awesome deal! Always check to see if a local store has your item in stock!!!!
A really great riding cruiser.
I'm 56 years old, 6'3", 313 lbs, and I needed to increase my activity. Unfortunately, I impulsed and bought this bike without checking the weight required. When I brought it home the tires were under-inflated, so I pulled out my pump and got them up to the posted 40 PSI. The first was really awkward, I quickly had to make adjustments. Even though they advertised 6' and over, I had to raise the seat to its highest level. This took away from the stability of the seat. The aluminum guard around the chain is really thin. The pedals are close to the frame so my shoe keeps snagging the guard and bending it out of shape. I have to stop often to bend it back because it impedes my pedaling. It looks like I'm going to have to remove it which is disagreeable because I would like to keep debris off my chain. Being a big man the handlebar shifters are too small. My hand covers the whole grip. The slightest pressure I provide cause the gears to shift. beyond that, it is a decent and fun ride.