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Schwinn 700c Men's Connection Multi-Use Bike
Where you want to ride to? Today is all about fitness, tomorrow is all about commuting and on Saturday you will be riding to meet up with pals. The Connection can help you make all those connections and more. This bike is a little bit hybrid, a little...
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I bought this over the weekend from a local Walmart store and rode for 7 miles in a trail in the next hour. Not sure what i did, but the chain slipped off the gear just when i was going to start the 7 mile trip. I was little disappointed but i have ridden bicycles for many years able to put it on the gear and moved on. I will keep an eye on this and see if it occurs again. So far i rode the bike for 12 miles. Ride is smooth, gear shifting is smooth. Very light due to aluminium frames. Seat comfort level is okay. I may buy a seat cushion to use. The style and features look similar to Schwinn GTX3 sold in Dicks Sporting Goods except $100 cheaper. I could not find a bike built with Aluminium frames and Shimano shifters for under $200 anywhere. This is a decent buy for the price. I will post an update after few months on how it holds up.
Okay ride, but would like it a lot more if I could raise the height of the handlebars. I went to the Schwinn site and requested advice as to how, or if, adjustment was possible. The only reply I got was an automated reply that my email was received. Pretty lame customer service, but for $199 the bike it is okay.
I bought this bike 3.5 weeks ago to use as my daily commuting bike. It was great for the first 3 weeks, but this morning the rear cassette utterly failed, and I am unable to change gears. Sure, I've submitted a warranty claim and expect to receive a new cassette, but it couldn't even last a month and less than 400 miles of commuting? That's sad.
First, mine was easy to assemble. All I had to do was put on the seat, the handle bars, the front tire and the pedals. If yours is like that and you are semi mechanical like myself, then you may have it assembled in 45 minutes to a little over an hour. An avid bike rider or a do it yourself pro probably can put it together in under 25 minutes. Also you will have to inflate the tires. This not near a top of the line Schwinn, but the frame is solid. Make sure you have open faced metric wrenches to put ope on the pedals. I think mine used 15mm. The crank arm is alloy and easy to strip. I know because I have already stripped my left crank arm because I used and adjustable wrench and did not have the threads square. It has a limited lifetime warranty. It's sturdy so you if you store mostly indoors I would expect at least 7 years service with routine maintenance professionally or self service. It will take time to get used to changing the gears if one is just a novice like myself. It's has a Shimano gearing system. The ride feels coarse to me, but I'm a novice. For a down scale model Schwinn I would rate it as an 8 out of 10.
bought this bike about 5 or 6 weeks ago, wanting some sort of hybrid without going to the LBS and spending a bunch of money for something I wasn't 100% sure I wanted or would like. Got this home and went thru the brakes and derailleurs making the proper adjustments and such, aired the tires. Was very pleasantly surprised how nice the bike road and performed. Components are a couple of steps above basic stuff, very sturdy, and work nicely, front and rear gears shift as nice as any intermediate bike. Tires look to be good quality. (special note here: 27 X 1 1/4 inner tubes will replace the 700 X 35s I think they are perfectly) Saddle e is actually fairly decent but I like a smaller, narrower saddle. Bike is a bit on the heavy side I think for being aluminum but blaming the front shock suspension for part of that. After spending a bit of time adjusting and dialing everything in, went for a short ride, did a couple of fine tuning adjustments and liked the ride, and the way everything worked, came home and put some sealer in the tires to help prevent flats and took off for a longer out and about ride. Not bad at all, not bad at all for a department store $199 bike! I own several bikes and this was my first department store bike since a kid (64 now), and this rides as nice as any entry level bike at the shops. Know that you can not buy this bike, climb on it and ride it home. It wants and needs attention before taking off riding: seat and adjust the brakes, adjust the derailleurs, make sure peddles are tighten properly, same with wheels, then know after a bit of riding things will need adjusted again for cable stretching. If someone can do their own work, this bike is one good buy, even if need to take to shop and have it set up, it's still a good buy. I would suggest getting a bell, front and rear light, and of course never ever ride without a helmet.