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Stroller Fan
Keep your baby cool with this ingenious Diono Clip-on Stroller Fan. This clip-on battery-powered fan attaches easily to most strollers and high chairs to keep the breeze flowing. The baby stroller fan features a durable fan cover to protect small...
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This fan works great. I use it on the car seat and on the stroller to keep my son cool in the warm weather. The small openings are safe for him to touch the fan and not injure his fingers. I use it while my oldest is at track and football practices and games and I haven't had to change the batteries in weeks. Sometimes I have difficulty getting it clipped on the stroller, but once it's there I don't have a problem. This fan is much better than the one with the foam blades that kids rip off and break.
You can't feel the air. I returned it the same day.
Our little one is 6 months old and dislikes the heat with a passion, we live in sunny South Florida in this hot summer our girl was not happy in our car befor this fan . The air pushed from the fan is perfect to cool her head and make her relax .
I bought this fan to use in my deer stand/hog hunting in the hot summer and it works great. It has to be within about 6 to 8 inches to feel the air but works very well. I hunt in a very thick wooded area and there is very little wind. I used it for a little over 4 hours and the batteries were still going.
We bought two of these for our double stroller. These things produced so little airflow that the kids didn't receive any benefit from them and they ate through batteries like no bodies business. Usually one or two walks through the neighborhood and the batteries were dead! And, ultimately they broke after only about 1 month of attempted use.